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«Это открытое письмо от знакового русского актера Василия Ливанова MBE было сначала отправлено в The Guardian. Они отказались публиковать его, мы (Off-Guardian) этого не сделали.»

"Открытое письмо народу Великобритании"
написанный знаковым российским актером Василий Ливонов MBE.
Опубликовано 6 июля 2018 года



Has The Petrodollar Quietly Died And Nobody Noticed?

* The stronger US dollar is having an inverse impact on dollar-denominated commodity prices, including oil. This will affect emerging market (EM) credit quality in various ways.

* The implications of reduced recycled petrodollars has significant ramifications for financial markets, loan markets and Treasury yields. In fact, EM energy exporters will post their first net drain on global capital (USD8bn) in eighteen years.

* Oil and gas exporting EMs account for 26% of total EM GDP and 21% of external bonds. For these economies, the impact will be on lost fiscal revenue, lost GDP growth and the contribution to reserves of oil and gas-related export receipts. Together, these will have a significant effect on sustainability and liquidity ratios and as a consequence are negative for dollar debt-servicing risks and credit ratings.

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Jul 12, 2005


1. your petition noted
2. tks for your appreciating the witty thingy
3. i'm not ready as of now to adopt the suggested change
4. i'll let you know should the #3 above shift


--- Emma G wrote:
> Hey, I was wondering if you'd be willing to transfer
> your livejournal "witty" over to me.
> I'm looking to make a new journal & I love the name of
> yours. It'd be as simple as changing your password
> to something other than what it is now & sending it to me.
> I don't have much in the way of cash, but I could upload
> you music, send you pirated software... maybe we can talk
> about it some time?
> My IM is dreamingahead & this is my e-mail. Let me
> know if you're interested at all.